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TALLK: Teachers Acquiring Language Learning Knowledge

Sonoma County Office of Education 80The TALLK (Teachers Acquiring Language Learner Knowledge) project provides preschool teachers with training and coaching in specific strategies for interacting with English learner (EL) children to best support language acquisition. TALLK is based on the research-demonstrated best practice of providing adult education through a combination of didactic information sharing followed up with coaching. Fundamentally, TALLK supports the language development of English Learners, especially those whose home language is Spanish.

Upstreams Tier 2 PromisingParticipating teachers attend orientation training at the beginning of the year, and are subsequently provided one-hour monthly trainings at their sites. The TALLK coach also works with teachers bi-weekly for approximately 30 minutes by observing teacher-child interactions and providing real-time input and support through the use of a headset and microphone.